Bangladesh Air Force Is Joining The Fifth Generation Club

Euro Fighter Typhoon For Bangladesh Air Force
Euro Fighter Typhoon For Bangladesh Air Force

The people’s republic of Bangladesh is joining the fifth-generation fighter club by having eight 4.5 generation combat jet (SU-27) and 16 fifth-generation combat jet (Eu-Typhoon).

Bangladesh Air Force is purchasing sixteen “Eurofighter Typhoon” – a fifth-generation combat jet to protect the sky of Bangladesh. Today in the parliament of Bangladeshi minister declared the news.

List of Weapons

  • 16 Eurofighter Typhoon
  • 8 Shukhoi SU-27
  • 8 AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopter
  • 3 Advanced VVIP Passenger Helicopter
  • 2 High-Frequency Survaliance Rader
  • 24 PT-6 Basic Trainer Aircraft
  • 2 Light Transport Cargo Aircraft (Unknown Origine)
  • 1 K-8W Advanced Flight Simulator
  • 1 AW-119 KX Helicopter Simulator
  • 4 MAXXpro MRAP
  • 2 Counter UAV surveillance Radar
  • 1 OMT-M200 Mobile ATC Tower

According to the “defence journal” Bangladesh Government is developing the capability of their Air Force to be prepared for all imminent threats.


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