Bangladeshi Youngest Leaders of World Economy – TEDx

Youngest CEOs of Bangladesh
Youngest CEOs of Bangladesh

The most precious business and economical survey organization TEDX published a list of top 20 youngest CEOs of the world. The most successful business leaders aged between 18 to 35 have been enlisted in the list.

In the list published by TEDx, three Bangladeshi CEOs have been entitled as the youngest CEOs of Bangladesh. The topmost youngest CEO is an Indian citizen named “Suhas Gopinath”. At the age of 17, Mr. Suhas has become the CEO of Globals Inc.

Bangladeshi Youngest Leaders of World Economy

The three youngest CEOs of Bangladesh are Hussain M Elius, Samira Zuberi Himika, and Habibul Islam Safin.

Hussain M Elius


  • Joined Undergraduation in 2008
  • TEDx Rank – 7th
  • Company – Pathao
  • Graduated From – North-South University, Bangladesh

Samira Zuber Himika

  • Joined Undergraduation in 2000
  • TEDx Rank – 12th
  • Company – Giga Tech
  • Graduated From – Independent University Bangladesh

Habibul Islam Safin

  • Joined Undergraduation in 2013
  • TEDx Rank – 5th
  • Company – Saydon Group
  • Graduated From – North-South University, Bangladesh.

In 2019, the FORBS enlisted Hussain M Elius and Habibul Islam Safin in the 30under30 summit. Also, lifestyle magazine the VOUGE enlisted them under the list of “100 Most Eligible Bachelors of The World”.

The INDIAN TIMES published an article on these two persons titled “North-South University – Where the Unpresidented Success Sprout.”


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